Hollywoodbets Punters Challenge: A Path to Winning Over 1 Million Rand Daily

The Hollywoodbets Punters Challenge presents an opportunity for horse racing fans, with a chance to win well over 1 million Rand every day. Participants in this competition focus on choosing the winning horses at designated racing venues, turning each race day into a potentially rewarding event.

Joining and Playing

Participation in the challenge requires a Hollywoodbets account. The process of joining and playing is simple and user-friendly, with entry submissions closing a mere five minutes before the start of the first race. This feature ensures convenience and allows participants to make last-minute decisions and strategies, enhancing the overall excitement of the experience.

Strategic Point System

The competition’s scoring system is thoughtfully crafted to incentivise strategic planning. Points are awarded according to the horse’s finishing position, considering the total number of horses in the race. This approach promotes well-informed horse selections, introducing a captivating strategic dimension to the contest.

Bonus Points for Winners

A unique and engaging aspect of the competition is the awarding of extra points for winners based on their starting price. This feature encourages participants to choose underdog horses, as selecting these less favoured contenders can result in accruing more points, potentially boosting one’s ranking on the leaderboard. This twist adds a layer of strategic depth and excitement to the contest.

Climbing the Leaderboard

Opting for less favoured horses, or ‘outsiders,’ emerges as an effective strategy for ascending the leaderboard. Each day, the top 20 scorers share in a guaranteed prize pool of 5,000 Rand, incentivising a more unconventional and daring approach. This strategy entices participants to employ creative thinking and take calculated risks, aiming for potentially greater rewards.

Enhanced Winnings

The thrill of the competition is significantly heightened by the opportunity to double one’s winnings. Participants have the option to place a 50 Rand wager on their bet slip, which can substantially increase their prize money. This feature adds an element of exhilaration and strategic decision-making to the contest.

The Punters Jackpot

The Punters Jackpot stands out as a key attraction of the competition, with a possible payout exceeding 1 million Rand. This impressive jackpot is calculated by multiplying the number of runners in the race by 10,000 Rand. This formula creates the opportunity for a substantial payout, offering an immense reward for the fortunate winner.

Proven Success and Popularity

Since its launch in 2020, the Hollywoodbets Punters Challenge has distributed well over 15 million Rand in prizes. This remarkable sum highlights the competition’s considerable success and emphasizes its widespread appeal among horse racing enthusiasts.

Accessibility for All

The stand-out feature of this competition is its free entry, which opens it up to a wide array of participants. Regardless of one’s experience level – from seasoned bettors to those new to horse racing – the Hollywoodbets Punters Challenge provides an equitable opportunity for all to engage and potentially win substantial prizes.


In summary, the Hollywoodbets Punters Challenge transcends being merely a competition; it is a portal to exhilaration, strategic gameplay, and the prospect of substantial rewards. Characterized by its ease of access, a thoughtfully designed point system, and the allure of significant prize money, this event stands as a must-participate spectacle for horse racing aficionados.

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